School Age Programs

Children are a gift from the lord; they are a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

Our School-age program is designed to allow children to explore their uniqueness by offering a variety of activities to support, nurture and grow their talents. School-age children have been in school all day or are wanting to enjoy their summer break, however, we want to support that time for their minds to rest by providing an environment of fun, safe, learning-based activities. School-age children are faced with many challenges in school. We work to teach them to have faith in God and to turn their eyes to Jesus.

Before and After School Programs


  • All the Facilities are utilized as a part of the Before and After School Program which includes: the pool, gym, track, ballfield, and classroom. 
  • We also offer homework time Monday through Thursday so your child will have the availability to focus and complete their homework before coming home.  


  • At this time, CAHF routinely picks up and drops off children at Holly Springs Elementary, Indian Knoll Elementary, Avery Elementary, and Hickory Flat Elementary.

Summer Camps and Sport Camps

  • We understand that summertime is a moment for children to experience a variety of programs, vacations, and family time and we want to support that! We have a very flexible program for parents to choose what weeks and how many days per week they want to enroll their children.
  • Classes rotate about the campus every hour to the Pool, gym, track, ballfield, and classroom.
  • There is a Weekly Theme ensuring that a variety of activities take place during the summer.