Georgia Pre-K Program

In our Pre-K program, we are striving to give all children the jumpstart they need to be successful in elementary school. We understand the importance that early reading and writing skills have in their future learning achievements. Setting this foundation for them in Pre-K has a significant impact on their success in higher grades. We strive to build a love for learning and friendship that will continue for every student.

Our Pre-K program sets the foundation for seeking truth in all aspects of life, with the goal of helping little ones see that everything we find in the world around us has a greater meaning. Each lesson involves a lot of body movement and repetition, designed to meet little ones where they are at developmentally while stretching them to think through foundational worldview truths. Helping them establish a strong foundation for learning and growing.

The next step for your child is a private or elementary school setting and we strive to help make that transition a success! It is vital we as educators assist children in their school success by making sure we are supporting their educational growth. We use two different tools to help us fine-tune our teaching practices: the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) for communication and gross motor assessment and fine motor, problem-solving, personal social, and overall physical/health our teaching professionals rely on ASQ. We assist every child at least twice a year, making sure we are on track for their individual milestone goals. Our goal is to provide every child with the best academically successful future.