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I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 

3 John 1:4

The Lamb room is our first opportunity to teach children that Christ loves them and that they are made for a purpose. We assist children with building a foundation of a classroom family while learning social skills they will use throughout their lives. When children are in a safe and loving environment, built around strong healthy relationships, their learning will flourish. Our classroom is designed to allow children room to explore and build on their gross motor and fine motor skills. The biggest lesson we teach children in our Lamb room is that they are never too little or too small to do BIG things for the Kingdom of God.

Each child enrolled in our Lamb Room will be learning many new skills to help guide them along their education pathway. In the Lamb Room children learn about cause and effect, speaking simple words, how to follow simple sequencing steps, matching objects with a name, and many more developmental milestones. We want to ensure that we know exactly where your child is in their development and we do this by formally assessing them at least twice a year. The tool we use for communication and gross motor assessment is the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) and for fine motor, problem-solving, personal social, and overall physical/health our teaching professionals rely on a tool called Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). When we combine these two assessments, we receive a highly reliable and valid look at your child’s development.

CAHF Curriculum

Discover a world where your child thrives—CAHF crafts a future of possibilities by nurturing the whole child. Beyond traditional preschool, we balance educational, spiritual, physical, and social growth, guiding young minds to understand their world deeply. Join us, and let’s lay a solid foundation for a meaningful future together.

Bible Stories

Nurturing young hearts with age-appropriate Bible stories, daily affirmations, and prayer at CAHF—cultivating a foundation of faith and meaning!

Outdoor Activities

Explore our unparalleled outdoor spaces at CAHF! Tailored playgrounds meet every age and stage, while our indoor gym ensures fun rain or shine. And for those sunny days, our kiddie pools make a splash, all promoting a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Experience the balance of Love and Truth, Safety and Fun at CAHF, where being heard and understood is at the heart of our values.

The Kids

Nurturing one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. Developing their mind, heart, and body within a loving caring environment.


Coworkers seeing their positive impact on the lives they connect with. (Kids, parents, coworkers) Kids know they are not a mistake and have a purpose (Coworkers too!).


We champion truth, dedication, and focus, valuing honesty in all interactions. Unity and cohesion define us, fostering a whole and harmonious community.


Embracing continuous improvement, we honor the value in everyone and maintain an enduring commitment to learning.

Safety and Cleanliness

We prioritize Safety. Diligence in maintaining cleanliness, from orderly spaces to daily sanitization of toys, ensures a healthy setting for children and staff. Attention to detail keeps our community secure and sparkling.


Family and employee well-being, ensure transparency with staff and families, embrace open dialogue, approach challenging conversations with purpose, prioritize genuine connection over mere words, and consider tone and body language.


Give parents that “good” feeling, us being an extension of our families home, supporting our staff like family, genuinely caring for each other.
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