Fish Room

Younger 3's

All you children shall be taught by the lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.
Isaiah 54:13

Learning Independence while having structure and routine is a significant focus in our Fish Room. Our young 3’s children must learn how to collaborate with their peers and take on some of their responsibilities. Self-help, following directions, exploring their environment, and developing a skillset to reason and ask questions will be a few skills they will learn in this classroom setting. We believe that it is important that your child not only has an understanding that Jesus’ loves them but shares this love with their peers and others around them.

Children in our Fish Room love learning about all the ways their minds and body can grow. Three-year-old children are exploring the world around them, and we want to support them with every opportunity possible. Children learn and develop through structured and unstructured play and usually have no idea that they are learning during this time. Our educators are teaching them new milestones during both structured and unstructured play which includes: new vocabulary, peer interactions, early math, early writing, and many more milestones! Each child enrolled in our Fish Room will be assessed at least twice a year for Age Appropriate areas of development. We use two separate tools to help us with assessing your child: the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) for communication and gross motor assessment, and fine motor, problem-solving, personal social, and overall physical/health our teaching professionals rely on ASQ for the best developmental and social-emotional screening for children.