Dog Room

Children Aged Older 3’s

For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.
Romans 8:14

Now that your child’s vocabulary and words have grown it is time for us to support them in different communication skills and relationships with their peers. In the dog room, we have a focus on building their communication skills and peer relationships while still providing them with growth in their reading and early math. We want each child to have a strong understanding of vocabulary and the world around them. We believe that this is the strongest foundation they can have and the root of academic growth. If a child has this strong foundation built then they will be ready to tackle new skills in higher classrooms. One of the biggest lessons we want to teach your child in this classroom is that they will never mess up too big for God to forgive them. It is ok to give the wrong answer or to fall short at times. We want to continue to push them to be brave and stretch their minds. It’s this beauty in our relationship with Jesus that is so important because he died on the cross, there is so much room for our hearts and minds to grow.

As educators, we need to know what developmental milestones your child has already achieved, and which ones are emerging or need extra support. To help us determine these areas for each child we assess children at least twice a year, for Age Appropriate areas of development. We use the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) for communication and gross motor assessment and fine motor, problem-solving, personal social, and overall physical/health our teaching professionals rely on ASQ. These two tools guide our educators along in planning their lessons and assist in determining small-group, large-group, and one-on-one time teaching focus.