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Our Teachers

The combinations of knowledge and experience with a loving heart!

Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat believes in creating an environment where the teachers and staff are kind, positive and respectful with the abundance to not only do their job, but to come in each day with the bigger purpose in mind of helping and educating the children.

Our teachers are reliable, collaborative and creative and independent thinkers. They are hungry and eager to learn and try new things each day.

We believe in lots of praise and enjoying lunches as a team and we are always looking for people to join us.

Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat aids Christian families in raising their children and reflecting on God’s presence in their daily thoughts, words, and actions. We focus on the whole child’s well-being by nurturing their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

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Meet Our Teachers

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Robert Hall


Bertha Delgado


Eugene Dixon


Veta Hicks


Sandra Prather


Scott Espinal


Charles Davis


Terry Townsend


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A Day in Our Life

Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat is also a safe space for all employees to come as one and work together each day to collaborate in and out of the classroom, working as a team with the goal each day to not only help educate the children but also help each other grow. This allows us to foster a family,

The core values at Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat are the foundation of everything we do. This includes the staff.

The Kids – Nurturing one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. Developing their mind, heart, and body within a loving caring environment.

Purpose- Coworkers seeing their positive impact on the lives they connect with. (Kids, parents, coworkers) Kids know they are not a mistake and have a purpose (Coworkers too!).

Integrity– Telling the truth, hard working, focused while here, honest when calling in, unity, wholeness, cohesion.

Humbleness– Willingness to improve, to view others as important, always a learner.

Safety and Cleanliness- Picking up stuff, smell, neat and tidy, toys get put away especially at night, kids and employees safe, kids faces/nose, sanitize toys every night, attention to detail.

Communication– How family day is, how employee day is, keeping staff and families informed, not being scared to talk to families, having difficult conversations with integrity and purpose, don’t just talk – connect, tone, body language.

Family – Give parents that “good” feeling, us being an extension of our families home, supporting our staff like family, genuinely caring for each other.

We care for each other, help each other and build each other up.

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Opening Hours : Mon - Fri 6.00 am -6.00 pm

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