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About CAHF

The right environment for learning

With our outstanding staff and commitment to early childhood learning and development, Children’s Academy Of Hickory Flat stands out from other institutions. We offer a specialized preschool, pre-K, before/afterschool program and Summer camp for children between the ages of one and twelve years.

Children are encouraged to learn how to solve problems, release their creativity, and build social skills. Our curriculum lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

We adhere to the highest standards of educational and child development. What’s more, our dedicated staff has the experience and know-how to put these principles to work for each and every child. Children’s Academy Of Hickory Flat carefully screens and interviews all teachers to ensure that they meet our high standards.

Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat aids Christian families in raising their children and reflecting on God’s presence in their daily thoughts, words, and actions. We focus on the whole child’s well-being by nurturing their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

Our vision is to see children develop their mental, physical, spiritual and social skills within a loving, caring environment. Nurturing one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. Developing their mind, heart, and body within a loving caring environment. We aspire to see the children leave us to attend public and private schools prepared for success in all areas.

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Our Philosophy

At Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat, we draw inspiration from the Biblical parallel of humans and trees, recognizing the profound connection and the divine wisdom in nurturing growth. This journey mirrors our approach to childcare; we see each child as a precious seed, deserving of a safe, nurturing environment to grow and flourish.

Mind: We prioritize truth and education, fostering learning and social skills to equip young minds for a lifetime of inquiry and connection.

Heart: Addressing the soul and spirit, we nurture emotions, will, desires, and moral development, shaping compassionate and ethical individuals.

Body: Through focusing on fine and gross motor skills, we promote an active and healthy lifestyle, ensuring physical well-being.

Growth and Resilience: The Tree Analogy

We envision each child as a seed, requiring a safe, nurturing environment. Just as a tree requires water, light, and nutrients to thrive, we provide the necessary support for our children to grow strong and resilient. Our goal is to help them establish deep roots in good soil, enabling them to withstand life's challenges and to flourish.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth of your child, ensuring they receive the essential "nutrients" for development: love, knowledge, and guidance. Our aim is to cultivate strong, secure, intelligent, and compassionate individuals.

Supporting Families in Today’s World

We understand the complexities of modern life, where families juggle multiple responsibilities. Our aim is to be a steadfast partner in your child's development, fostering the 'fruits' of success and resilience. We're here to support you, to be a part of your child's journey towards bearing fruitful achievements - success not just in academics, but in the journey of life!

Collaborative Approach with Parents

Recognizing that childcare is a collective journey, we encourage parental involvement in the decision-making process. We believe in finding a common ground that respects the diversity of families while upholding our shared values.

The Importance of Social Connections

Emphasizing the Biblical and the intrinsic human need for connection, we advocate for the development of social skills alongside academic learning. At CAHF, we view the family as the fundamental unit of human relationships, transcending traditional boundaries and fostering a sense of global kinship. We encourage children to build meaningful relationships, fostering empathy and understanding in a nurturing environment.

Child-Centered Policy and Curriculum

Our policies and curriculum are guided by the question, "Is it best for the children?" We embrace diverse learning styles, tailoring our approach to each child's needs. Our planned curriculum is balanced with attention to individual mental, spiritual, physical and social development.

Our philosophy extends beyond traditional views of family. In our embrace, a family transcends bloodlines, encompassing a larger community bound by care and mutual respect. Inspired by God's vision of a united family, we are committed to guiding each child in becoming a joyful, productive member of this global family.

Positive Reinforcement and Early Life Lessons

We utilize positive reinforcement in social and behavioral teaching, emphasizing the Golden Rule and proactive sharing. Our goal is to encourage kindness and collaboration from an early age.

The Rewarding Journey of Childcare and Education

Despite its challenges, the field of childcare and education brings immense rewards. Witnessing the discovery of talents, the acquisition of skills, and the development of confidence and camaraderie among children fuels our passion.

Excellence at CAHF

At Children’s Academy of Hickory Flat, we pride ourselves on an innovative approach to daily childcare within a facility designed for excellence. Every staff member plays a crucial role in bringing our philosophy to life, each day, for every child.

Our Teachers

We’re Here for You and Your Child

Children’s Academy Of Hickory Flat carefully screens and interviews teachers to ensure that they meet our high standards.

Our educators regularly participate in advanced training sessions and continuing education classes to ensure that they are always up-to-date with fresh ideas and sound teaching principles.

Our Core Values

Experience the balance of Love and Truth, Safety and Fun at CAHF, where being heard and understood is at the heart of our Values.

The Kids

Nurturing one’s entire emotional nature and understanding. Developing their mind, heart, and body within a loving caring environment.


Coworkers seeing their positive impact on the lives they connect with. (Kids, parents, coworkers) Kids know they are not a mistake and have a purpose (Coworkers too!).


We champion truth, dedication, and focus, valuing honesty in all interactions. Unity and cohesion define us, fostering a whole and harmonious community.


Embracing continuous improvement, we honor the value in everyone and maintain an enduring commitment to learning.

Safety and Cleanliness

We prioritize Safety. Diligence in maintaining cleanliness, from orderly spaces to daily sanitization of toys, ensures a healthy setting for children and staff. Attention to detail keeps our community secure and sparkling.


Family and employee well-being, ensure transparency with staff and families, embrace open dialogue, approach challenging conversations with purpose, prioritize genuine connection over mere words, and consider tone and body language.


Give parents that “good” feeling, us being an extension of our families home, supporting our staff like family, genuinely caring for each other.

Parental Involvement

Together We Grow

Parents play a key role in a child’s early development. Nonetheless, the significance of parental involvement is often underestimated at the preschool and pre-k level. That’s why at Children’s Academy Of Hickory Flat we encourage regular communication among parents and teachers.

We invite parents to join regular meetings where we discuss the overall development of our students. The progress of your child can be discussed in scheduled one-on-one meetings.

We look forward to your participation!

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